Saturday, January 26, 2013

New year, New Trade!

This Bigger & Better story just keeps getting bigger and better!  This last trade was quite a while in the making.  There were numerous offers, but I ended up settling for a set of 15 inch chrome rims.

15 inch Chrome Rims for Trade!These rims are in pretty good shape, and after a little TLC, will make a very nice improvement to someone's car.

I don't know the actual value of this trade, but I know four rims are definitely bigger and shinier than a snowboard!


The Snowboard

Bigger & Better Trade: Snowboard and Bindings for set of Chrome Rims
I made the trade of the K2 Satellite Wide 158cm Snowboard to a man from Huntington, Indiana.

He contacted me with a trade for these rims, expressing interest in the Board, as he and his children are avid snowboarders, and he actually displays them on his man-cave walls in the off season!

He was excited to make the trade, and I am excited to see where we go from here!

 A new trade will be in the works soon.  I may need your help!  Do you know anyone looking for some 15" rims for their ride?  Are they short on cash, but have an awesome, interesting or Bigger & Better item to offer in trade?  I'm looking for you!

The Chrome Rims

Chrome Rims for trade! 574-529-0428 (call or text)
These rims are chrome plated steel, and have an attractive design.  There are ten spokes arranged in a five pointed star configuration and come with the lugs.

If you're interested in trading me for these rims, to continue in my Bigger & Better quest, give me an email at, or call/text (574) 529-0428!

The Vintage Monopoly - A Bigger and Better Story
List of trades made

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Trading a snowboard for something bigger and better

My Vintage Monopoly trading project has been at a bit of a standstill in recent months due to the fact that I moved after selling my house, and now I'm in the process of buying another house.

That is as far as I will get into any explanations!

The snowboard is still available, and I'm hoping that it will make someone a very nice Christmas present.  I've taken to posting the snowboard up for trade in local areas on Facebook more than craigslist because for some reason, craigslist has not been doing very well for me lately.

Like the project on Facebook at

The only stipulation for the trade that I need to make is that I need to trade for something bigger and better than a snowboard.  This is very subjective, and open to discussion.  Better doesn't mean more valuable, so make your offers... the more interesting the better in my opinion!

I will meet you anywhere to make this trade happen, so give me a call, text or email today!