Monday, November 8, 2010

Vintage Monopoly: A Bigger and Better Story

I have in my possession, a Vintage Monopoly car, you know one of the pieces used to move around the board while buying up properties during a game of Monopoly.

The Monopoly game I got this car from was my grandma's.  I remember as a child playing with the Monopoly game at her house.  She passed away a while back, and the Monopoly game was missing pieces, so I scavenged a few of the game pieces.

I am looking to the Craigslist and Facebook Communities to get this story started.  I have posted this Vintage Monopoly car in the Barter category on the South Bend, Indiana Craigslist page.  I am looking to trade it for something bigger or better.  It doesn't necessarily have to be of greater value if there is a good story to go with the item offered up for trade.

The end goal is that once I am done trading; I would like to have a free-and-clear piece of property such as a house or commercial real estate.

If you have something bigger or better that you're willing to offer me for my Vintage Monopoly Car, send me an email with the details of your trade to

I am excited to see what may happen!


See where the vintage Monopoly Car went

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