Saturday, December 24, 2011

Trade #2 - Psychology Textbook w/study guide traded for Steel Stove

The 2nd item, a psychology textbook with study guide proved to be a much faster trade.  The books came into my possession on December 20th, and as of December 23, I traded it for an old steel stove!
Item #3 - Steel Wood Burning Stove

The stove is a bit rusty, weighs about 200-250 pounds, making it worth $38-$50 in scrap value, or it could be used in a garage with a little tlc and wd40.

 I will be cleaning out the ashes from the inside.

Previous owners had little use for the stove anymore, and threw in the dead bird and ashes at no additional cost. They look forward to the books taking up less space than the stove.

Like I've mentioned previously, I am looking to trade for something bigger or better than my current item.  Your trade doesn't necessarily need to be more valuable than the current item (but that's fine).  The stipulation of the trade is that you let me document it here on my blog.  I am willing to travel to your location to make the trade, provided that the trade is bigger and better, and you're prepared to tell me a bit about how you came across the items, take your picture and/or video and what you plan to do with my item once we trade.

Do you need a wood burning stove?  Make me a trade-offer! Call or text (574) 529-0428, email

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