Monday, December 26, 2011

Trade #3 - Steel Stove for 19' Boat Trailer

Things are really cooking along now.  The steel stove was only around for a few days, and I had several offers, ranging from This 19' boat trailer.
Trade #3 - The Wood-Burning Stove for this 19' Boat Trailer.
I was super excited to receive the offer for the trade of my newly acquired stove so quickly that I jumped at the chance to trade!  I made the deal to trade this on the day before Christmas.

Little did I know that on Christmas weekend I was to receive offers for many other items.  Here are only some of the trades I was offered: 
  1. Horse saddle & Tack 
  2. Two old generators.
  3. Iron Owl Bank (antique)
  4. Two aquariums
  5. Working slot machine with coins
  6. Hand made knife made from junk
Keep in mind that as these other offers came in, I had already agreed to trade for the trailer (a product of my 13-month wait for the first trade).

I decided to keep my word to the first offer, and immediately posted the pictures that I was sent of the trailer up for trade.  I was hoping to trade the trailer same-day so that I wouldn't have to drive it home.

My hopes were not dashed!  I received word not 3 hours later with an offer for the trailer.  There was to be a double-trade!

See what I traded the boat trailer for:

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