Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Trade # 4 - Boat Trailer for Hand Made Knife w/Sheath, and Leather Rose Barrette

As I mentioned yesterday, it was a double-trade day!  The trailer, while I was pretty happy to trade for it, because it relieved me of the steel wood burning stove, had to go!  It's the name of the bigger and better game.

I ended up trading the boat trailer to someone who was interested in the stove.  He wanted it, but the stove was already promised to the man with the trailer, so I did like anyone in my position must.  I thought quickly of the stove that sat dormant in my dad's garage since we moved in there when I was in 4th grade. (Don't you have access to an extra stove?)

You'll remember that I was offered a handmade knife in my last trade for the stove.  It turns out that this person wanted the trailer and a stove, so I traded the trailer for a hand-made knife, and my father traded his stove for two of these knives! (His aren't part of my project)
A few other knives by Mr. Hurt

This proved to be a very interesting trade! Master Craftsman Lukus Hurt has a modest shop behind his house where he creates works of art.  His knives, blades created from salvaged bits of metal he finds on the road, old hardware, files, and the like, handles created from antlers, wood, leather and metal are all unique.

Mr. Hurt makes his own knife sheathes as well.  He uses leather that is tanned in an all-natural method without any of the chemicals and contaminants that can lead to rusty knives.  The knife I traded for was complete, but the sheath was not all the way done, so I took a video of Mr. Hurt finishing up a couple of sheathes. (Will fix sound soon.)

Mr. Hurt meticulously works the various types of old metal, in the case of the knife for trade a piece of re-bar.

The knife with the dark sheath [the one for trade] I remember well. From start to finish, it was roughly 15 hours.   It took a little longer to hand-forge the medium-carbon re-bar than it usually does, taking me better than an hour to forge it out, between 7 and 8 hours in the shop to shape, file the bevels, polish and finish the blade, put my name in it, heat-treatment and tempering, and then final polish and sharpening.  The mule deer antler handle took an additional 2 - 3 hours to set, shape and polish. 3 coats of urethane (but I don't count that because I usually do that while working on the sheath). And then 2 - 3 hours on the vegetable tanned leather sheath. So, roughly 15 hours, give or take, if my math is right.
Handmade knife & Custom Leather Sheath
Valued at $125
Most knives created by Lukus Hurt are in the $115-$125 range due to the amount of work that goes into making each unique piece.

Handmade Leather Rose Barrette
Valued at $13.99
Mrs. Hurt contributed this beautiful rose barrette which she hand-made from leather to be traded with the knife.  They retail for $13.99 on average, and can be purchased at Lo'Vadas Affordable Gifts and More in Kendallville, Indiana.

If you're interested in making a trade for the knife with sheath and leather rose barrette, please give me a call or text at (574) 529-0428 or email me at curtis@curtissmeltzer.com 

Want to see more pictures?  I have more at the Vintage Monopoly Facebook Page

Once this trade is made, you can still contact me and I'll get you in touch with Lukus Hurt so you don't miss out on a knife!

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