Sunday, January 1, 2012

Trade #5 - Handmade Knife for Card Collection

Well, the knife, sheath, and leather rose are traded! I enjoyed having the knife, and appreciate the trade, but if I am to keep this Vintage Monopoly Bigger and Better Story going, then I have to keep making trades!

I traded the Knife, sheath, and rose barrette for 15 premium trading cards shown below, as well as about 5,000 more cards which I went through a a few of them, and found a few names I recognized like Bo Jackson, Tom Chambers (HA!), Boomer Esiason, Clyde Drexler, Curt Schilling, Dominique Wilkins, Drew Bledsoe, Moses Malone, Kirby Puckett, Michael Strahan, Charles Oakley, Darren Woodson (rookie), Ivan Rodriguez, (9) 1987 Garbage Pail Kids, and tons more Baseball, Football, Basketball, and Comics cards.

Originally, I had been offered a trade for the 15 cards listed here:
  • (1) Ryan Fitzpatrick Prime 3 colored jersey card numbered to 99 print run.Book Value $15
  • (2) Mike Hart Rookie autographed cards.Book Value $30
  • (1) Kevin Johnson jersey card. Book Value $12
  • (1) Kenny Britt End Zone Patch. Book Value $12
  • (1) Tim Hightower End Zone Patch. Book Value $12
  • (1) Luke Getsy Rookie autographed card. Book Value $12
  • (1) JaMarcus Russell jersey card numbered to 100 print run. Book Value $12 
  • (1) Joe Flacco jersey card. Book Value $12 
  • (1) Bubba Trammel rookie autographed card. Book Value $15 
  • (1) Calvin Pickering rookie autographed card. Book Value $12
  • (1) Johan Santana red jersey card. Book Value $10
  • (1) Richie Sexton jersey card. Book Value $10
  • (1) Freddie Jones autographed Rookie Card. Book Value $8
  • (1) Jaren Grob (Roller Blade) autographed card. Book Value $10
These for a total value of $185, and that's just for these 15!

There are a lot more cards in here:
Total Value of the WHOLE set: $245.00
If you are interested in making a trade for these cards, please let me know by phone or text and (574)529-0428 or email me at

Brian, the man whom I traded with, is an avid hunter, and although he said he probably won't hunt with the knife, was excited to have it, and I'm happy that he can enjoy it for many years to come.

If you are looking to buy sell, or trade cards, let me know, and I'll get you in touch with Brian.  He has been actively trading cards since 1991, and did a deal with over 100,000 at one time before.



Brian Smith said...
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Brian Smith said...

Curtis is a great guy and a pleasure to work with. As you can see by looking at his blog he is a great graphics designer. Trust him to trade with and if he says he will meet you he will be there.I ended up with a very nice knife and I'm interested in seeing what Curtis can trade for this premium sports card collection I traded him for the knife and rose. Thanks