Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Making Trades Again "Barter King" Style: K2 Satellite Snowboard and K2 V9 Bindings

So I was just thinking the other day about how much I love, and was talking with my plumber about it when he was over removing a toy one of my kids put down the toilet.  We got talking about the kinds of stuff you can buy and sell there.

Naturally, the project I am working on came up.  Talking about it rekindled my passion for the trade, and I posted the trading cards from the previous trade on Craigslist on August 13, 2012.

By the next day I received two offers.

The trade offer I accepted was for a K2 Satellite Wide Snowboard.

I posted in the South Bend, Indiana Craigslist, and got a reply from a Waterlviet, Michigan man who wanted to trade this:
He originally got it from a storage unit auction, and had no interest in risking his life to the slopes, but he is an avid card collector, boasting a 500k+ card collection.  He was excited to make the trade and I wish him the best!

Here are the K2 Satellite Wide Specs:

K2 Satellite Wide 158cm Snowboard - Current Value ~ $200

K2 Satellite Wide 158 cm Snowboard with K2 V9 Bindings 158 cm K2 Satellite Snowboard
Bindings:  K2 V9 Current Value ~ $170
K2 V9 Bindings
This team driven workhorse is ideally suited for aggressive all mountain/ freeride/ park/ pipe all season anarchy. The infinity Plasma suspension's stiff high back perfectly translates every whim directly into action. The flexible base plate is perfect for tweaking and stomping huge landings. Features Plasma infinity base plate with flex zone suspension. Bio-Pod Ankle Strap with Big Throw extruded aluminum ratchet buckles. Adjustable toe ramp with soft touch TPU grip pods. Aluminum Flip Lock lean adjuster.

Victor, an avid card collector from Watervliet, MI was happy to
make the trade of his snowboard for these 5,000 trading cards.

See what I traded to get this awesome snowboard 

The name of the game is bigger and better folks!  

If you have an item that is bigger and /or better than this snowboard that you're willing to trade me for, then give me a call, text, or email and let me know about your trade.

(574) 529-0428


If you are new to this site, I suggest you read up on where I came from to get to this point in trading.

Vintage Monopoly: A Bigger & Better Story

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