Monday, September 17, 2012

UPDATED: Vintage Monopoly Car Traded for a $300 snowboard

I just finished up giving an interview to Jessie McDonough of ABC 57 South Bend!!  I will be featured on the news at 10pm EST on the WB25, and then again at 11pm on ABC 57!!

Here is a copy of the 10pm spot from WB 25:

McMonough spent about an hour talking about how I started with my grandma's vintage Monopoly car from an old incomplete set, and have been trading up items on Craigslist for a "Bigger & Better" item; with the ultimate goal of free-and-clear real estate of any kind!

Check out the whole traded items list here

Follow what trades I make at my Vintage Monopoly twitter account:

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I have a really nice snowboard up for trade, and would like to trade it for something bigger and better!!

Contact me by phone or text at 574-529-0428 or email at

Thanks for looking!

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Matthew Loerke said...

How about that. Good job, it paid to not give up

Curtis Smeltzer said...

Yeah! Thanks. Your trading project is just as cool! People should check out Trade me out of debt