Saturday, January 26, 2013

New year, New Trade!

This Bigger & Better story just keeps getting bigger and better!  This last trade was quite a while in the making.  There were numerous offers, but I ended up settling for a set of 15 inch chrome rims.

15 inch Chrome Rims for Trade!These rims are in pretty good shape, and after a little TLC, will make a very nice improvement to someone's car.

I don't know the actual value of this trade, but I know four rims are definitely bigger and shinier than a snowboard!


The Snowboard

Bigger & Better Trade: Snowboard and Bindings for set of Chrome Rims
I made the trade of the K2 Satellite Wide 158cm Snowboard to a man from Huntington, Indiana.

He contacted me with a trade for these rims, expressing interest in the Board, as he and his children are avid snowboarders, and he actually displays them on his man-cave walls in the off season!

He was excited to make the trade, and I am excited to see where we go from here!

 A new trade will be in the works soon.  I may need your help!  Do you know anyone looking for some 15" rims for their ride?  Are they short on cash, but have an awesome, interesting or Bigger & Better item to offer in trade?  I'm looking for you!

The Chrome Rims

Chrome Rims for trade! 574-529-0428 (call or text)
These rims are chrome plated steel, and have an attractive design.  There are ten spokes arranged in a five pointed star configuration and come with the lugs.

If you're interested in trading me for these rims, to continue in my Bigger & Better quest, give me an email at, or call/text (574) 529-0428!

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